How to Make Your Bedroom More Aesthetically Pleasing

Your bedroom is your space- a reflection of who you are. You want it looking at its absolute best and maybe then you won’t have to head outside every time you need an aesthetic photo for your Instagram feed. Here are some tips on how to achieve a Pinterest- worthy bedroom in no time!


Pick out a theme before starting the decorating process- this could be au natural (with neutral colours, suede textures and linen), pastel-themed (soft hues of pinks and blues), earthy tones (a mix of earthy greens and rich textures) or whatever else you could possibly imagine. This first step is crucial to outline what you should use and how to use it when decorating your bedroom. It’s a pace-setter.

Blank Spaces

Get artsy with the awkward blank spaces on your wall that just look like they’re missing something. You can go for DIY artwork (for example, a quilt) for a personal touch or you can just buy yourself some pretty art that matches the style of your room orgives it a pop of colour that adds texture. Don’t forget though, your room can look the prettiest it’s ever been but can still lack soul. It needs a personal touch as well so make sure to incorporate this into whatever you buy or make.

Patterns and Prints

Patterned designs are heavyweights when it comes to the world of décor. Larger patterns in general go for larger expanses of the area (in your room this could be a large rug or your bed sheet), smaller ones can be found in accent pillows and other décor items (for example, even printed lamps make for great accent pieces).


Most of the time a mismatch of colours, tones and detailing can leave a room looking a bit at odds with itself. For example, if your room’s headboard has soft curves, this gives your room a rather feminine touch. You can add to this by accentuating that feminine touch with nuanced colour schemes that give off soft tones. Consistency is key and having your detailing playing off one another is one of the easiest ways to get that aesthetic.


Draping is the finishing factor once it comes to achieving that Pinterest-worthy bedroom. It’s responsible for giving your space that much-needed dreamy and intimate look. A little tip- it is often recommended to go for neutral, airy and light curtains to brighten the room up asthis alsoleaves it much easier for you to decorate the rest your personal space. But if you’re one for more vibrant pops of colours, feel free to layer your room with brighter drapes. The mix and match process will take a little more effort in this case, but worth it all the same.

And there you have it! This is a very simple guide to making your room more aesthetically pleasing but remember, it’s all about trial and error. Find out what works best for you and how you can get those little details to mesh together and you’re set!