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How To Find the Right Bra for Nursing?

Finding the right bra is already challenging, all the more while you are nursing since your breast size changed. You could try and figure out your breast size by using a measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust and below it to find the correct bra size or you could ask a professional from a lingerie store to measure it for you. Once you have correct measurements, it would be easier for you to shop for the right bra while nursing. Just keep the following in mind while you shop.

The right bra should feel comfortable

You should prioritize comfort over anything else when you are looking for the right nursing bras. If you managed to try them on before you decide on buying them, try them on while moving around, sitting and or standing or while doing any activity that you would be doing while wearing them to make sure you are always comfortable while wearing them.

nursing bras
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As a nursing mom, your bra being uncomfortable should not be another thing for you to be concerned about. You would determine that the bra is comfortable to wear if by the end of the day your back and neck are not sore even after wearing and using it for the whole day.

The right bra should give your breasts full support

The right bra should not only be comfortable to wear, it should also give your breasts full support. Your breast should not be spilling over the top, under the bottom or on both sides. Your breasts should be supported since you would be moving all the time as a nursing mom and it would be difficult for you to move around if your breasts are not holding up. The bra should also not ride up as you move. All parts of it should stay in place such as the back of the bra, the cups and the straps should not slip and pinch into your flesh.

The right bra should have an inner lining

When you start looking for the right bra while nursing, you’d notice that there are some bras that have an inner lining. The inner lining is similar to another film or layer of protection that absorb leakage. You would not have any instances or situations where you feel embarrassed because the front of your shirt is soaking from breast milk. Most of these bras not only have inner lining, they are also usually made out of moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry at all times. If you feel like you have got your bra size wrong, don’t be embarrassed to ask for a professional to measure your breasts correctly for you especially when you go shopping for maternity bras since your breast could increase by three or more cup sizes. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed since the sizes range from XS to XXL and the cup sizes from AA to N cup and the band sizes from 28 to 46. That’s a lot of bras to choose from.