Reason For An Addicts Weight Loss

It is a fact that those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol have lost weight. Some junkies who weigh about one hundred kilos before now only weigh 56-60 kilograms. It is because of their loss of appetite while they are under the influence of narcotics. They would not feel hungry especially if they are using stimulant drugs like crack and methamphetamines. These kinds of drugs would make an addicts tonsils and mouth really dry or feel dry that it would be hard for them to consume food. And since their throat and mouth can feel dry they would constantly hydrate. Since junkies don’t eat their body would lack the protein as well as the carbohydrates it requires.

A few drug treatment programs have encountered patients who may have significantly dropped a few pounds that they have become weak from not eating in a couple of days. That’s the reason a drug treatment programs have made a strict rule to provide their patients with enough food and vitamins to regain the body weight they dropped during their addiction. Some are given vitamin supplements as a way to regain their appetite once again and gain the weight that they lost. By doing this it would then be very easy to treat their patient’s addiction knowing that their appetite for food has improved.

Because most addicts have poor nutrition when they lose weight it would sometimes be difficult for them to regain it. It would eventually take a few months or so before they could gain back the weight they lost or to tone their bodies to a healthy new look. Of course, it would require them to take some vitamins and food supplements to enable their appetite to return to normal. These food supplements and vitamins help not only to regain one’s appetite but also to purge and block out the harmful toxins they were addicted to.

One other reason why addicts lose weight is that they do not have the money to buy food. Instead of buying the food they would instead buy alcohol or drugs to satisfy their craving. That is the reason why some junkies have a very weak immune system and weak bone structure. Poor nutrition is also a factor where an addict would developmental conditions. Because addicts have the poor nutrition that is why their body can’t supply fresh blood to their brains and the effects of the alcohol and drugs they took destroy brain cells causing them to develop psychological disorders if their malnourishment continues.