Start Detoxing Now and You’ll Thank Yourself When You’re Older

The popular saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be any truer – at least when applied to the health of your skin.

And even though your skin replaces itself periodically, as you get older the “machinery” responsible for this replacement, sort of losses its efficiency. So that without proper care, like regularly drinking detox tea, the “new skin” created will be less elastic. That’s why you’ll still have wrinkles on newly formed skin, as you get older.

Obviously, some people still look young, like they know where the fountain of youth is located, even when they’re old (how else do you explain Jennifer Lopez), so it’s at least worth knowing how they maintain such radiant skin.

If you look at their lifestyle, you’ll learn that the secret to a healthy glowing skin is to start from within, regardless of what nutricosmetics in big businesses try to tell you.

The reason is simple – you can’t keep cleaning the outside alone with the best cosmetics on the market, while the inside remains filthy, and expect sustainable changes.

Since your skin is made up of collagen, which is basically protein, it makes sense that most people will want to take the best meal replacement shakes recommended by well-known platforms like 310 shake reviews. The reason is that these replacement shakes tend to contain a lot of protein, so it’s easy to believe they’re all you need.

Why You Should Focus on Toxin Removal

Most detox tea reviews try to come from a different angle. They believe that since your skin is the largest detox organ in your body, hence why you get the ache and other skin related problems whenever you embark on an unhealthy diet spree, reducing its responsibilities by using everyday detox tea and other such fluids can allow your skin focus solely on healthy skin renewal.

The best part about coming from this angle is that you can also choose the best detox tea for weight loss. So, you get a two in one product – a radiant and beautiful skin detox tea weight loss solution.

detox tea weight loss detox Tea Benefits – Preventing Overload of Toxin

Clearly you need a good diet, might as well incorporate the best meal replacement shakes into your diet, but you also need a good cleansing routine.

Note, if you carefully go through replacement shakes reviews, like 310 shake reviews, you’ll almost always find dairy products listed as ingredients or their alternatives.

Thing is, milk (whether animal or plant-based) has always been linked with disruptions of bowel movement, which is in a sense toxic (it will eventually show up on your skin).

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get on the best tea detox diet, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. So that as you’re getting the proper nutrients your skin needs, you’re also using decluttering your system of an overload of harmful substances. Here’s a tea you can take that has both weight loss and skin rejuvenating properties.

Prevent Acne with Fit Detox Tea

This a very trendy tea, and with good reason. It’s a rich detoxifying blend containing oolong Wu Yi, Garcinia Cambogia extract and even some organic green tea.

All in one small tea bag

The combination of these ingredients is meant to help suppress your need for caffeine (mostly your need for midday coffee breaks, since coffee is very toxic), while boosting your metabolism. The end result, skin as smooth as a baby’s behind, and if you combine your tea with regular trips to the gym, enviable abs. So, it

Supports your metabolism,
Reduces bloating, and
Flushes out toxins, so you can have a clear and radiant skin.
Know how you read earlier that consuming the milk of all sorts can raise the levels of toxins in your body, yeah, this tea is entirely gluten free, soy free and dairy free. What’s more, all ingredients are Non-GMO. Basically, if you want to avoid everything that could possibly irritate your skin, you should give this tea a go.

If for some reason you don’t want to try it, you can try something you’re probably already familiar with – a green tea detox diet. It’s actually easy to argue that green tea paved the way for all other detox teas. Thing is, you might reap all the detox benefits since green tea is the king of antioxidants, but not much of the weight loss benefits (remember fit tea also has green tea in it).

Wrapping It Up

Even though it makes a lot of sense to consume nutrients that build up your skin’s collagen, it would be counterintuitive if there’s a den of toxic dirt beneath your skin. So if you want to prevent ache, or just maintain a youthful looking skin, you should try detoxifying first.

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