Ways to Keep You Cool During the Hot Summer

Summer can be a lot of fun for almost everyone. With the sun out and shining bright the chances of dehydration and sun burn can climb to a major high. It’s during times like these that one should make every effort to keep well hydrated and also keep the skin looking good. The summer brings about new fashion trends too. Open flat slippers and sandals, flared cotton skirts and tops and large hats. All this means there is a lot of fun and entertainment in store. So while you are out there enjoying the summer sun here are some tips to keep you looking good and staying healthy.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

With the hot sun out there arises the need to keep one very hydrated. You should make every effort to keep sipping on cold drinks. There are many recommended beverages that are guaranteed to keep your internals cools and well hydrated. Coconut water benefits are something not to be dismissed. Especially during the summer. This naturally occurring fruit has a yummy liquid that is both colourless and odourless. It is full of energy and natural hydrating goodness that one should not overlook. You may be able to find these at your local supermarket. They may come in bottles or if you live around the region where these fruits grow you might be fortunate to find them in their natural casings. As this is a very natural drink it does only good for the body. Anyone can consume it without hesitation. Most tropical countries have this fruit available at every street corner and you will find that almost everyone will have some at least once a day.

Wear Cool Breathable Clothes

Light weight cottons and linens are great for the summer seasons. This is one way one can keep the body feeling cool. With the rise in summer heat the body will naturally sweat to keep its body temperature down. So to help your body keep cool it is important that you wear breathable materials. These will not only help your body remove the sweat away from the skin thus cooling the body, it will also make you feel comfortable. Just because you have to dress comfortable dos not mean you have to compromise on your style. There are lots of fancy printed summer dresses and skirts available on the market that you can consider. Even the men have plenty of options and can look good and feel great at the same time.

Open Shoes Are Best

There are great open toed shoes and slippers that you can consider getting for the summer time. Wearing open shoes and sandals will help you keep your feet cool and feeling fresh. With the summer sun the chances of sweaty feet and hot soles can be very high. This can be very uncomfortable and can even cause bad cases of skin rashes on the feet. It is important to keep your feet dry and feeling fresh. So make sure you invest in a couple of summer sandals and step out in style and comfort.